Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!



Megan Whitehouse is no love guru. And she certainly doesn’t hold any magical man-whispering powers. But Megan is a dating survivor.

The 34-year-old former journalist began her quest for love when the Backstreet Boys were back and eyebrows were thin; and she was still hunting-a-hubby when Tinder reared its ugly head.

In terms of dating, Megan has seen it all.

Ridiculously raw and real, Pucker Up! shares the warts-and-all story of one woman’s frog-pashing journey in the endless search for her seemingly-elusive prince.

From the tennis-playing dreamboat who bounced his balls at someone else; and the douchey American student who just wanted to ‘shag a sheila’; right through to the hopeless romantic whose flame nearly sparked a house fire; and the secret ice addict - the bizarre and unbelievable dates continued to roll in. Yet despite disaster after disaster, Pucker Up! is a story of hope.

No matter how hurtful, humiliating or hilarious, each experience involving the heart serves as a valuable lesson that can be used to learn and grow. Or sometimes it just gives everyone a good old ‘pee-your-pants’ giggle.

After all, dating is flipping funny and truth is always stranger than fiction.